Welcome to out online store Agora Center.

Based in the port of Ios Island/Cyclades, Greece, our family business operates since 1975 as a gift shop and home decoration with customers from Greece and all over the world. The search of our products and services expanded enough creating the need for a more customer-centered approach.

In June 2020 we opened our secondο shop in the port of Ios named BLE Concept Shop. Our target is new ideas in handcraft creations.

In combination with our long experience, passion towards our business and customers we created the Agora Center Electronic Store to highlight through it, especially modern handmade jewelry and interior decorations that aim to showcase diversity and unique aesthetics mainly designed by Greek artists.

In our store you will find a small but special selection of products, even perhaps one of a kind items, keeping the philosophy of artistry in mind and not mass production. This is our precisely our mission the promotion of new artists, new ideas and special handcrafted creations of fine aesthetics.

Please keep in mind that the delivery time of an order may take 3-7 working days, due to the fact that most of our products have the logic of a special order.

For your best service we recommend to contacting us info@agoracenter.gr regarding the availability and delivery of the items you would like to order.

Our team

Our people is the base of our success! 

Our team is specialized of selecting handcrafted jewelry and home creations products.

Respecting the personality of each person of our team, we build long term professional relationship with them and encourage the development of creative talent in every role in our business.